COLK Orphanage in Kinshasa


The COLK Orphanage in chaotic Kinshasa is located in the heart of the slum area and houses about 120 children of all ages. All are orphans or abandoned children for variety of reasons, many have lost parents as a result of HIV/AIDS, malaria and the ongoing conflict across the Country. The children are well looked after and receive a nutritious meal every day. Over the past year villagers of Abbots Leigh have generously supported the Orphanage through donations of clothes, shoes, toys and bed linen. Your help is very graciously received and goes a very long way to making the lives of these children a little better.

Christmas Day in Kinshasa


An early visit on Christmas morning found a hive of activity with many of the orphans getting ready to visit the Governor of Kinshasa as a special Christmas treat. Today, we delivered 50 kilos of rice, powdered milk and tinned tomatoes, all very well received and paid for by your kind donations at the recent talk. I also delivered plenty of chocolate and fizzy drinks to make Christmas dinner a little more fun. Some kind people had donated a some toys, a video player, cartoon disks and some picture books, again all well received. I have arranged to make the next delivery of food at the end of January and will hopefully take some more clothes.

I’d like to take this opportunity to pass on a very heartfelt thanks from Mama Monique, the proprietor of the orphanage to everybody who has helped, donated and gifted your time, money and pre-loved items to some very under-privileged children. Thank you.

Pre loved but still useful


All the clothes donated go directly to the children in the orphanage, everything’s helps in its own way.



Many thanks to Pete for organizing this fund raising event. I hope he doesn’t frighten too many of the Children! Just to confirm all monies raised in this way will go directly to the orphanage with none lost in administration. This money will provide much needed food and medicines for the orphans and will support the programme in early Spring. The long term aim is to provide another dormitory room on the building as many of the children currently sleep in an adjacent shed and some of this money may be used to support an application for matched funds from the UN in Kinshasa. Please don’t hesitate to use the email form on the site to request more information if needed.

Lazy Sunday


Another visit to the COLK Orphanage late on Sunday morning found most of the Children making their way back from Church and all in good spirits. It was good to see some familiar faces and they recognized me even with the Movember beard. Again I visited with a couple for colleagues from work who have an interest in helping and we delivered the clothes, shoes and toys that everybody donated from Abbots Leigh.

Thanks to all the kind donations of money, this time we took a large sack of rice to add to the store cupboard. I always ask when I visit what is most needed and the answer is always food.

So Long and Thanks for all YOUR help

Goodbye Karen

We would all like to take this opportunity to thank Karen T who recently left for Juba and wish her all the best in the future. Her help has been invaluable over the past months and she will be sorely missed. Good luck in the new Mission and we know you will keep in touch.

Latest Support – Village Talk


A big thank you to all who supported the recent talk in the village hall. Together you raised over £250 in donations that will be converted into much needed food and essentials for the orphans over the Christmas period.

Latest Visit


The latest visit saw Sumi and Dick visiting the orphanage with a colleague from the United Nations to give clothes both from the Village and friends here in the DRC. Primarni came up trumps with a big pile of £1 bras for the teenage girls who mobbed Sumi.



Earlier in the year a very kind soul donated $1000 (£610) to the orphans while working here in the UN. The money has been put to very good use by purchasing 3 new bunk beds and repairing the all the broken ones. This spurred on others in the DRC to help with new mattresses and sheets being donated and for the first time in a long time the majority of the child are comfortable at night. You know who you are, sadly it took a little longer than we wanted but the money was put to good use, thank you.

The Story So Far


Over the past year many people in Abbots Leigh have helped the Orphanage by donating childrens clothes, mainly for the young children, shoes, toys, school materials bed linen. Friends and colleagues here in the DRC have donated a fridge, a televison and some money. With the money we have bought food; rice, beans and cooking oil.