Christmas Day in Kinshasa


An early visit on Christmas morning found a hive of activity with many of the orphans getting ready to visit the Governor of Kinshasa as a special Christmas treat. Today, we delivered 50 kilos of rice, powdered milk and tinned tomatoes, all very well received and paid for by your kind donations at the recent talk. I also delivered plenty of chocolate and fizzy drinks to make Christmas dinner a little more fun. Some kind people had donated a some toys, a video player, cartoon disks and some picture books, again all well received. I have arranged to make the next delivery of food at the end of January and will hopefully take some more clothes.

I’d like to take this opportunity to pass on a very heartfelt thanks from Mama Monique, the proprietor of the orphanage to everybody who has helped, donated and gifted your time, money and pre-loved items to some very under-privileged children. Thank you.

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